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The World Affairs Council is a vital hub for companies who are competing in the new global marketplace who desire to attract top talent and want their employees to have a competitive edge. Corporate sponsorship allows employers to provide memberships for your company’s employees, a unique and outstanding employee benefit.

Employees may attend World Affairs Council events to increase their understanding of international affairs. In addition to supporting Virginia education and high quality programs, your membership increases the international appeal of the Greater Hampton Roads area for businesses who might want to invest in the region.


Corporate Sponsorship Benefits

  • Become a community leader in supporting an enhanced international profile for Hampton Roads
  • Increase your company’s global awareness and understanding of critical international economic, foreign policy, and diplomatic issues
  • Enjoy private receptions and meeting with visiting dignitaries, diplomats, and specialists
  • Entertain prospective clients and network with business prospects at events
  • Recruiting tool for top global-oriented talent- your employees attend events at individual price
  • Participate as a member of WACA ‘Leadership Mission’ to other countries, with in-country expenses covered by host governments
  • Invitations to VIP receptions, if available
  • Realize a tax deduction for a 501(c)3 membership, to the extent permitted by law

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