​​​Global Issues
Game of Wits: Opportunities in a Chaotic World

​Kevin Hulbert

September 21, 2017
Norfolk Academy, 1585 Wesleyan Dr., Norfolk, VA 23505, 7:00 PM

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We would like to thank the Norfolk Academy for hosting this event and the Norfolk Arts and Humanities Commission for a grant in support of this event.  


Why Attend:

Understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in a world of cyber threats and terrorism with an emphasis on Latin America and Southwest Asia.
The Topic:

With a breadth and depth of knowledge gained from our speaker's experience in the CIA, Mr. Hulbert provides insights to help businesses and those who study and travel abroad better understand how to maneuver in the chaotic environment.  


Kevin Hulbert

 Mr. Kevin Hulbert is the President of the XK Group which provides strategic advisory services for clients operating in Mexico and in other emerging markets. Before founding XK Group, Mr. Hulbert held a variety of high-level jobs in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), becoming an expert on counterterrorism, counter proliferation, non-traditional operations, cyber security, and covert action.  An accomplished senior leader in the National Clandestine Service (formerly the Directorate of Operations) Mr. Hulbert served around the world and worked with many foreign liaison partners, particularly on counterterrorism issues.  From an overseas location, Mr. Hulbert led some of the Agency's most complex counterterrorism operations abroad.  His final job in government service found him working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where he served as Senior Advisor for Counterterrorism.  Mr. Hulbert’s years in the intelligence community dealing with complex and multifaceted issues have left him well positioned to advise clients on the myriad of complicated issues that can affect the bottom line. In his current role, Mr. Hulbert and his team anticipate threats, identify opportunities, facilitate business, and mitigate risks. Through collecting and analyzing intelligence he and his team provide clients a competitive advantage through a better understanding of the markets in which they operate. 


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7:00 pm


Norfolk Academy
1585 Wesleyan Dr. Norfolk , VA 23502
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