The Local Competition

Congratulations to the winning teams this year!

The winning high school team will go on to compete in the national competition later this year.

High School teams — PA, Cox, Tallwood Jr WAC, Tallwood B, Norfolk Academy

winner — Tallwood Jr WAC


College teams — ODU GPIS, ODU GSIS, Regent A, Regent B, Regent C, Norfolk State

winner — Regent A


Faculty teams — ODU, Norfolk Academy, Cox, CNU, Regent, NSU

winner— Norfolk Academy


General teams — Alliance Francaise, Norfolk Sister Cities, Mariners Mark, WAC BoD, Lake Taylor Hospital

winner — Lake Taylor

2022 marks the twenty-second (22) anniversary of the WACHR WorldQuest competition. Information on the cost to participate in WorldQuest as well as other important information may be found here.


Dress:  Business Casual.  No flip flops or jeans.


A light dinner buffet is included, which will begin at 5:30. The competition begins promptly at 6:30. The questions are based on international events from the previous twelve (12) months. Competition is done by teams (so there is no individual responsibility, embarrassment, or intimidation). The questions are presented on large screens and posed by a moderator. Questions are timed so quick and accurate responses are required.


Teams are designated to the following categories:

  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Faculty
  • General/Corporate


The Game:

The game is presented in four (4) rounds of ten (10) questions each.  Each team will have one (1) minute to answer each question.

Round I:    General Knowledge- fill-in-the-blank format (spelling does not count)

Round II:   Faces and Places– Multiple Choice (four (4))

Round III:  Geography- Multiple Choice (four (4))

Round IV:  Current Events– Multiple Choice (four (4))


At the conclusion of Round II, there will be a 15-minute intermission. As the Gamemaster computes the scores, dessert and coffee will be served.  Scores are announced at this time.


At the conclusion of Round IV, scores are announced. If a tie-breaker is required, the game will continue until 1 team remains. Each member of a winning team receives:

  • High School: Medals, traveling trophy for the school, a seat at the National Academic WorldQuest Competition.
  • College: Gift Card
  • Faculty: Wine
  • General/Corporate: Wine